Talbot County Sheriff's Department


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer fingerprinting?

No, there is a private company in Easton called Inquires, who you can contact.

Q: Do you house prisoners?

A: We do not. If you have questions regarding prisoners, you would need to contact the Talbot County Jail at 410-770-8120.

Q: Are you open 24/7?

A: We have Deputies working around the clock, but our clerical staff only works 8-4:30 Monday- Friday.

Q: How do I evict someone?

A: To start the eviction process you would need to file paperwork at the Talbot County District Court.  Check under the Civil Process tab for a Court brochure for assistance.  

Q: How do I contact the Deputy who took my report?

You can contact any Deputy by calling 410-822-1020 or you can email them. (Email address located on our contact page) Please note that due to working rotating shifts it may take a few days for the Deputy to return your call. 

Q: How do I leave a drug tip?

If you have information about drug activity you would like to report, please contact the Talbot County Drug Task Force at 410-820-8940.