Talbot County Sheriff's Department



In cooperation with the Talbot County Board of Education, the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office agreed to assign a full-time deputy to the Easton High School as a School Resource Officer (SRO) in 2015 on a pilot program. 

Due to the success of this pilot program, and with the approval of the Talbot County Council and the Talbot County Board of Education, this program has been expanded to include a SRO at St Michael’s High/Middle School, Easton Middle School and as of September 2019, Chapel District, Tilghman and White Marsh Elementary Schools. 

SROs build relationships with students and staff, giving students a trusted adult they can talk to in a safe, trusted environment. Additionally, our SROs work after-school events and activities such as sporting events, dances and graduations. The main goal of our SRO program is to keep our children, the staff and their schools safe and violence free.

The School Resource unit consists of Sgt. Kevin Parks (EHS), Cpl. Tim Connors (SMMHS), Cpl. Jason Rush (EES), DFC. Ryan Andrew (TES),  DFC. John Coleman (DARE Officer), DFC. Emily LeCompte (CDES), DFC. William Parker (EMS) and DFC. Andrew Crockett (WMES).