Talbot County Sheriff's Department


Crisis Response Unit


In 2018, Sheriff Joe Gamble and Easton Police Chief David Spencer (retired) reached an agreement to have deputies join the Easton Police Department, Crisis Response Unit, commonly known as “SWAT.”

After a strenuous tryout and extensive training, three deputies were named as full-time members of the Crisis Response Unit. The Crisis Response Unit is commanded by the Easton Police Department and is highly trained to meet all standards set by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission.

The Crisis Response Unit operates in an on call status, responding to high-risk incidents where the safety of the public is paramount. The Crisis Response Unit also is available for high-risk entries associated with search and seizure warrants, felony traffic stops, hostage and barricade situations and other unusual calls for service.

Members of the Crisis Response Unit are specifically equipped with the proper and necessary tools and equipment to handle the high-risk situations they encounter, and are required to complete specialized training to maintain their status as a team member.