Talbot County Sheriff's Department



The Talbot County Sheriff’s Office has three Deputies who are certified as collision reconstructionists. These Deputies investigate crashes in Talbot County that result in a fatality or serious life threatening injury. 

Collision Reconstructionists conduct crash analysis and reconstruction to identify the cause of the collision and contributing factors. These contributing factors include the role of the driver, vehicle, roadway and the environment. 

Sometimes the results of a crash reconstruction lead to making our roadways safer as well as improving safety aspects of motor vehicles. During an investigation, a collision reconstructionist collects data and roadway evidence to include scene photographs, scene measurements, braking, use of lights, speed and skid marks. 

At the conclusion of a crash investigation; many times traffic or criminal charges may be issued against the at fault driver.  Our Deputies have testified in Maryland Courts as sworn experts in the field of crash reconstruction leading to convictions.